Wildlife, Plants and Habitat

Biodiversity in The Eastshore Kootenay Lake


Learn about the state of biodiversity of Eastshore Kootenay Lake Fish topics


Find out how Eastshore Freshwater Habitat Society and partners are working to restore regional fish populations that are threatened under the Endangered Species Act, read related news, review scientific studies, sign up for volunteer events and programs, and look up reference materials such as identification drawings and photos.


Habitat restoration projects

Learn about projects Eastshore Freshwater Habitat Society is working on or has completed to restore fish and wildlife habitat in damaged or degraded places.


Noxious weeds

Learn how to identify and manage aggressive exotic plants degrade pastures, may poison livestock, and produce amazing volumes of long-lived seeds. Provides best practices for eradicating invasive weeds.


Native plants

Learn how to support native plant biodiversity in your yard and provide forage for native animals such as bees to birds. Browse photos of native trees, shrubs and flowering forbs, learn about their functional value for wildlife, get design ideas and learn how to use them in your native landscape plan, and compile a list of plants to bring to your local native plant nursery.


Living with Wildlife Facts and tips to help coexist with wildlife, from black bears and beavers to moles and woodpeckers and beavers.

Learn about beavers including region-specific life history and ecology, problems they can pose for people and property, and how to solve associated problems.


Freshwater mussels

Learn about freshwater mussels and what they indicate about the streams they live in.

Stream bugs monitoring

Learn about benthic macro invertebrates including why they're important indicators of stream health, and how biologists monitors stream bugs to assess water quality and habitat quality.


Water erosion

Learn about and help solve property Erosion from water


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