Eastshore Freshwater Habitat Society


 Constitution and Bylaws


1. The name of the society is: Eastshore Freshwater Habitat Society



To strive for the protection and assist, in cooperation with ministries of wildlife, fisheries and conservation, in the remediation of all rivers, creeks, streams and lakes on the Eastshore that is a tributary to the Kootenay Lake. The means of achieving our purpose will include the use of education, seminars, advertizing, signage, forums to our volunteers, the general public and special interest groups which will ensure responsible angling methods, wild life management or assist with data collection or recording and reporting information collected to appropriate agencies of the Kootenay Lake drainage areas.





3.1 The affairs and policies of the Group shall be administered and decided by a Committee (referred to hereafter as The Committee).

3.2 The Committee shall normally consist of not more than 13 members, and the following include a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and a Project officer. The Committee will have the right to invite representatives from other voluntary bodies concerned with wildlife conservation to become a member of The Committee.

3.3 The Committee shall be elected annually by the Members at the Annual General Meeting.

3.4 No business shall be transacted at any meeting unless a quorum of four voting committee members is present when the meeting proceeds.

3.5 Any casual vacancy on The Committee may be filled by a majority vote of The Committee and confirmed at the Annual General Meeting.

3.6 The Committee will have the right to co-opt individuals who, by virtue of their specialized knowledge, make a valuable contribution to the objectives of the society. These co-opted individuals will have advisory positions to the committee.

3.7 Annual General Meeting will be held in the month of June.


4.1 The Committee may establish geographical sub-groups to pursue the Committee's objectives within their respective areas.

4.2 The Society Committee shall assign the areas of operation of sub groups.


5.1 Any individual shall cease to be a member of Society if:

(a) They cease to be involved in the above organization.

(b) Their conduct is considered detrimental to the objectives of the Society by not less than 50% of The Committee. Prior to this vote, such members shall be given two weeks’ notice of a meeting where the matter will be discussed and they must submit an explanation of their conduct to the Committee, or the sub group to which they belong, before a vote is taken. The explanation must be submitted in writing and must be received by the Chairperson at least 7 full days before the meeting. Committee members may vote by proxy provided that notice of the vote is received by the Chairperson at least two full days before the meeting.

5.2 No member shall claim any particular political affiliation to be that which is upheld by the Society



6.1 The Committee shall decide the means of gathering and storage of data. Records shall be maintained by the Committee Secretary Officer.

6.2 All data collected by the society shall be deemed as confidential unless release is specifically authorized by the Committee.

6.3 All data shall be deemed to be the copyright of the Group but shall be made available to voluntary and statutory nature conservation organizations as appropriate.


7.1 All publications, displays, letterheads and other publicity and promotional material will include the logo and will conform to the guidance on house style of other organizations that the Group is affiliated to whenever necessary or required by that organization.


8.1 The Committee may acquire funds for furthering the objectives of the Society so long as the person or organization providing funds does not conflict with the aims of other voluntary bodies concerned with conservation of freshwater pond, stream, creek, and lake or wetland habitats.

8.2 Any Funds or Grants received by the Society will be used and accountable to the Society. The Society may invest any funds in accordance with terms approved by the Executive Committee and with such security as they find necessary within the B.C. Society’s Act and

Eastshore Freshwater Habitat Society.

8.3 The Committee shall cause accounting records to be kept by the Society Treasurer.

8.4 The financial year shall run from 1st April to 31st March.

8.5 Bank Accounts shall be maintained in the name of the Society. Cheques may be signed by any two of the Committee authorized signatories. There may be up to three authorized signatories. The account must not be overdrawn.

8.6 No borrowing of Funds


9.1 Committee meetings shall be held at such time and place as may be determined by The Committee. All Society meetings will be under the rules of the B.C. Society’s Act

9.2 The Committee shall hold an Annual General Meeting during the month of June each year at such time and place as may be determined by The Committee, giving at least 21 days notice to members, at which Committee members and officers will be appointed.

9.3 There shall be at least one other meeting per year open to all members of the Society, as business dictates.

9.4 An Extraordinary Meeting can be held at any time and place determined by The Committee, with at least 14 days notice being given to members or as Committee deems an emergency to accommodate business of the Society.


10.1 For resolutions, members must declare any interest in the matter being voted upon.

10.2 Members who have no such declared interest shall be entitled to one vote.

10.3 Any member with such a declared interest shall be able to speak, but has no voting rights.

10.4 In the event of an equality of votes, the Chairperson of the Committee shall have the casting vote.

10.5  Provisions for proxy vote(s) will be allowed and regulated by the executive committee.


11.1 This constitution is covered by the Society Act of British Columbia. If not stated in this agreement of by-laws governing said constitution of the Eastshore Freshwater Habitat Society Commitee.

11.2 Any Special Resolution for the alteration of the Constitution must come from a member of The Committee and must be received by the Committee Secretary at least 8 weeks before the meeting at which the resolution is to be brought forward and must be passed by two thirds of the members present.

12.3 The Committee members may vote by written proxy provided that notice of the vote is received by the Committee Secretary at least one week before the meeting.


13.1 The Society may be dissolved by The Committee, satisfying a resolution passes at a meeting of The Committee, provided that such a resolution comes from the members of The Committee. At least 8 weeks’ notice will be given to the Committee Secretary before the meeting at which the resolution is to be discussed and it will subsequently be circulated to the Committee at least two weeks before this meeting.

13.2 Any assets of the Society will, after discharge of any liabilities, be transferred evenly to those organizations that the Eastshore Freshwater Habitat Society has affiliated to or with.

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